Tuesday, December 10, 2019, SYNERGA PHARMACEUTICALS officially launched in Romania the product Stratacel® – the new advanced dressing in the form of silicone gel, for the rapid re-epithelialization of damaged tissue or compromised skin following fractional skin procedures.

The product Stratacel® complements the Swiss range of products for first line prevention and treatment of wounds and scars, recommended by the latest European and American therapeutic guidelines.

The launch event was held during the symposium entitled “News in the Therapeutic Approach of Wounds and Scars” organized at Phoenicia Grand Hotel, Bucharest, under the auspices of the Romanian Society of Dermatology, the Romanian College of Doctors and was carried out with the help and support of the producer Stratpharma AG . The event brought together over 150 dermatologists specialists and residents but also plastic and general surgeons from Bucharest, an event moderated by Prof. Dr. Calin Giurcaneanu President of the Romanian Dermatology Society together with Dr. Alin Nicolescu and Dr. Magda Constantin – General Secretary of the Society.

The special guests at this event, the speakers presented, from their own experience, the benefits and applicability of the 2 flexible, sterile dressings, in the form of a protective film that shortens the healing time and prevents the development of abnormal scars in patients with deep wounds after surgical procedures (Stratamed®) and respectively superficial wounds after fractional procedures (Stratacel®), as well as the clinical evidence underlying the two treatments of the abnormal scars: Strataderm® and Stratamark®.

The newly launched product Stratacel®, as well as the already established Stratamed®, Strataderm® and Stratamark® products, are medical devices with a high safety profile and clinical demonstrated efficacy, manufactured in Switzerland, approved and listed by the FDA (Food and Drug Association – US) and the Romanian Drug and Medical Device Agency.

Starting with November 1st 2019, Stratacel® product is available in independent and chain pharmacies in Romania, Greece and Cyprus.